Saturday, November 19, 2011

caught up in photos:)

since i went digital, the idea of finally becoming "caught up" with my pictures was a REAL thing. no longer abstract, i was at the end of the tunnel.
now i am left with the finally organized 2 storage boxes of printed pictures.
yesterday i went thru them with a fine tooth comb.
in truth these pictures are the leftovers from my photo album sort of 2011:) i bought a bunch of 3 up books from costco and put all the best pictures in those by subject: chloe, zoe devyn etc.
so what to do now?
i have so many "completed" albums that the house is about to burst (that is the reason why i went digital in the first place). my paper stash is REALLY minimal and honestly, the idea of making anymore mini-albums makes me want to pull my hair out....again a storage issue.
my plan and hope in life is to be able to make everything as minimal as possible, while still maintaining a full life.
where is that line?
i though that project life would fill the space, but honestly, just thinking of having to store another 12x12 album is just not in the plan.
what is a scrapper to do??

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