Monday, December 28, 2009

a very simple christmas.

this year my goal is to simplify my way of scrapbooking and getting as many pictures done as possible.
let's face it...i am no spring chicken and the econmomy i have to make use of as much space and materials as i can.
i am also not trying to be Ari Super Photographer anymore. this christmas i really kicked back and just snapped a few pictures...most of them were blurry and crappy, but that's ok:)
i could have sworn i edited these pictures for color...but i didn;t and that's ok too!
all i used on this page was template, designer digitals kraft (my new favorite), DD staples and some labels from a kit that i downloaded for free.
as of now i have about $100.00 worth of pages to print. and i am broke. and that's ok too!!! LOL

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