Tuesday, December 22, 2009

bullet point list for today:) or this week?

today i am going to:

  1. clean up the kitchen
  2. finish putting away the scrap stuff
  3. go thru my computer files
  4. wait for the cable guy
  5. start fanny's book
  6. sit and breathe
yesterday i made 3 batches of white chocolate popcorn, 1 batch of brownies, 3 batches of chocolate chip cookies, bagged them for the kids in school, made dinner and washed dishes. i was tried of the kitchen. i never want to see another chocolate chip again.
i also finished my xmas shopping, wrapped the presents, unwrapped one ( the girls TV so they can put the dvr on it) and feed the dog. it was a LONG friggin day yesterday:)

i am embracing my inner minimalist. YUP. it is my new mantra:)

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