Thursday, December 17, 2009

is it possible to scrap without:

spending any $ except for the bare basics?
2010 is going to be the year i REALLY find out. i have made a pledge to stop spending $$ on anything that is not essential.
this means that my scrapbudget will be strictly for printing pictures and pages, buying adhesives and nothing else.
i have enough cardstock to last me forever. same with pattern papers and embellishments. i want to minimize the amount of space that my books take up, so i will be looking for new album storage.
i went off scrapstuff cold turkey, but once i started digi-scrapping i began getting weak:) but i have will power:)

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jenni said...

I'm right with you except I don't have a lot of cardstock. I'm always drawn to the patterned stuff.
I want to use what I have and use it up.
Keep it can do it. Your pages look great so it doesn't look like you are doing without.