Friday, February 17, 2012

photo album scrapping:)

after my last paper purge, i sat with my box of printed pictures and wondered when and IF i would ever get them scrapbooked.
most of my prints are in 3-up albums and labeled by name: one album per kid, plus a NYC album and an US album. it isn't very pretty, but it works for me. i have LOTS and lots of "moment" type pictures were i just took random pictures that really had no story behind them. the 3-ups are perfect for those and it is good enough.
i still had a bunch of pictures that made no sense, rhyme or reason.
trying to get them organized and viewable was a nightmare and the photos were just stuck in an archival box.
enter: project LIFE...again:)
i found this photo album @ kohl's and i thought it would work.
man, did it ever!!!

i am not doing a "proper" 365 type project life book, so i have LOTS of leftover supplies.
these cards are from the clementine kit.

i grouped the pictures as well as i could...trying to be comprehensive.
it works:) YAY for me!

the journaling is just snippets of memories that i thought would be neat for the kids to have.
and once it is is finished and that will be that:)

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