Monday, November 29, 2010

Tally of my year: up to today.

i am wrapping up the year here...and gearing up to do my daily december.
one of the things that i really want to work at is spending quality time with my family. december will be a barely scrap month for me and i will be only scrapping my daily page about whatever we got done. the kids are getting older and i am feeling that i want to hold on to whatever bits of childhood are left:)
here is the grand total of stuff i have done for the year 2010:
January: 46 pages * 198 pictures
February: 41 pages * 174 pictures
March: 88 pages * 336 pictures
April: 59 pages * 261 pictures
May: 19 pages  * 82 pictures
June: 34 pages * 126 pictures
July: 60 pages * 189 pictures
August: 50 pages * 211 pictures
September: 50 pages * 197 pictures
October: 56 pages * 254 pictures
November: 56 pages: * 260 pictures

total: 559 pages and 2.288 pictures absolutely and positively scrapped and finished in 2010:)

this, of course, isn't counting minibooks and gift books and other misc. projects that i made this year. digital scrapbooking opened up a whole new world of possibilities. LOTS of new things to discover and explore in the new decade:) YAY!
and that is where i am AT:)

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