Wednesday, November 10, 2010

52: the daily struggle.

this is the one thing that i really don't like about digi-scrapping and that i struggle with everyday.
i LOVE freebies. seriously. and i appreciate
but i am not the best person to keep track.
i scrap fast and hard.
there really is no time for me to keep track of what i use and who makes it because it takes away from the time i have to actually scrap.
so what's a girl to do?
for example, on this particular page, i used a SWEET template that i found as a freebie for iNSD. i modified it and stuck the pictures in and saved it for later scrappage.
i used it for todays page along with a biograffiti kit and some other misc. details.
i love the outcome.
and i will let it go at that and send my sincere thank you out into the universe!

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