Saturday, February 20, 2010

best places to get freebies:) this is a very subjective list. not everyone likes the same stuff, but i think that these sites have the best freebies. i am pulled towards more of the high quality, urban type papers. be prepared to search a little and know your STYLE:) it is so easy to go overboard and get all the freebies you can find.
purge every month or so. if you haven't used it yet, you can always find it it's free so no biggie right?
try and acknowledge the designers whenever you can. i try to...but i can't always succeed. but TRY!
use those templates at least four times. you can rotate, flip and mirror the images. don't think you have to KEEP them. i can YOU!

my top digital freebie links:)

paislee press

three paper peonies

summertime designs


simple scrapper

designer digitals



i think that's all i have for now:)

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