Friday, January 29, 2010


right now i am in a REALLY good place, even with all the craziness around me. our kitchen is pretty much empty, only the tile is done because we can't find cabinets that are both nice and affordable. i am making adjustments and learning to both accept and let go.
in an effort to tell my stories and document i have started a whole new chapter in my creative life. this digital journey is just beginning and i am learning more than i ever thought i could. i can't remember the last time i was challenged to actually use my brain instead of being on autopilot all the time.
take for instance this perfectly acceptable page i made yesterday. the story is there for my children and for me. the design is great and the supplies are perfect for the time frame and picture.
and then i decided to watch a video on the designer digitals blog that explained how to add a photo mat to a page. it was an easy step and it made the page look way better, i think.

so i am learning. and growing. and being HAPPY. for me and for my family. i am so excited to be in this place in my life.
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Sara said...

Thanks for posting this. Glad you are finding the videos helpful. :)