Monday, February 2, 2009

Organization on a budget:)

Let's face it, scrapbooking is expensive.
Factor in the actual pictures, the albums, the papers, the doodads and you can have a hefty bill after just a few months.
Right now i am all about recycling, making do with the supplies i have and trying to invest on supplies that i know i will use (as opposed to HOARDING!).
I wanted to share some of my budget-friendly tips today...maybe it can help:)

I know that there are sooooo many beautiful albums out there, but this works for me:) i use white office binders, office sheet protectors and a labeler for my albums. i like that they look uniform, are compact and can fit MANY pages. I store them in an expedit bookshelf that doubles as a vanity:) these are my family and theme albums. the girls individual albums are in another cabinet in the living room and are Hiller binders. don't ask how many:) i also have my 12x12 downstairs and many are not in albums yet. i do 8.5x11 exclusively my life is much simpler:)
Costco mini- cinnamon rolls are my best friends! My girls eat them all the time and after the plastic box is empty i wash it out and use it for storage.
This bookshelf holds most of my embellishments. 
All my eyelets are stored in this glad plastic container. i just dump them out as needed.
my ribbon storage:) again in costco cinnamon roll boxes and wrapped around old cut up plastic dividers.

now i know that many people have BEAUTIFUL scrap rooms and dedicated spaces....but living in the NYC and in a teeny tiny townhouse i have had to condense and make do with the materials and space i have available.

hope these tips help:)

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