Thursday, February 19, 2009

i used to be such a paper snob.

once upon a time i was a massive paper snob.
i would only buy designer papers...GOD forbid i get a stack of anything...
and then i quit all my design teams, and i wanted to get back to scrapping for the fun aspect.
Lately i have been buying LOTS of pads and stacks from our local stores. Yup....with coupons, people! i look forward to that 50% coupon in the paper:)))

Luckily the stacks are waaaaaaaayyy better than they used to be. i was delighted to find this little 6x6 pad called Chloe's Closet at M's the other day. SO FRIGGIN' cute! the colors are beautiful and i can layer to my hearts content. PLUS the storage is minimal because of the size.

Yup...scrappin' on a budget! it can be done!!!!!!

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grandmabonnie said...

i can't believe it, i just bought the Chloe's closet too, and just made some mini pages. You are so right, it's darn cute!