Friday, October 21, 2011

the best thing about digital:

digital scrapping never ceases to amaze me.
it is just crazy that you can take a blank template, plug some photos into it and then just let it sit for a while until you are ready to attack it.
for example, right now i have about 10-12 templates with pictures on my desktop.
they are all the photos i have up to this morning (yes, i am current on my pictures).
it took me about 2 hours to get those done in one stitting
12 pages in 2 hours?...yup!
then i just let them simmer until i find the right paper and then i get them finished:)

this template is a jenn lindsay blended photo one.
i could never do this technique on my own...takes too long!
but i have a bunch of blend templates that i can adjust for what i need.
easy peasy!
i added the paper layers, title and subtitle...done in about 25 minutes!

it is seriously magical!
and i do not use the word lightly!!!!

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