Thursday, June 30, 2011

from that to this:summer edition

this summer i decided to NOT purchase any new digital supplies.
so far so good:)
i have all my digital items organized in an iphoto library so i have been combing thru it for kits i haven't used yet.

this template is by kimberly lund and was part of one of thedailydigi collections.
i think.
the design had space for one big picture, so i used my favorite summer action "sunny color pop" by coffee workshop and tweaked it a little.
i plopped it into the photo layer and left it in my powerscrap folder until this morning.

this morning i looked in my iphoto library to see what type of papers i could use.
i found "here comes the sun" by libby pritchett via PERFECT colors, but for some reason i only have the papers and embellishments? oh well, no biggie!
the template included the chipboard type title so i decided to use it. i recolored some of the letters to match the papers and VOILA!
one of the things i always leave towards the end of the process is the layer shadows. i added those and some journaling and the page IS DONE:)

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