Tuesday, April 5, 2011

an identity crisis of sorts:)

i am struggling these days with creativity and where i am in terms of my goals.
my kids are getting older and the photo opportunities are getting far and few between. it is harder to get them to cooperate with the camera and there are only so many pictures i can take of my dog.
much of my "identity", so to speak, was wrapped up in my hobby. being a stay at home mom, scrapbooking was something i looked forward to every day. it was a type of goal line. at the end of the day i could count up my pages and feel like i accomplished something tangible. my pages had a beginning and an ending. there was a sense of satisfaction, knowing that i had finished something.
i have been scrapbooking for more than 12 years.
12 years is a LONG time!
my family has a wonderful library of finished pages, both traditional paper and digitally made books.
the girls have a history that they can physically hold and look thru and SEE.
we have trips documented and everday life saved onto paper and photos and words and all the good stuff that makes up memory keeping.
and now i am left at a loss.
where do i go from here?
digital scrapping is fast and furious and i can pretty much do pages in a FLASH.
i am battling clutter, so paper scrapping is really hard for me. too much stuff out and it really does a number on my ocd tendencies.
i am enjoying making girly crafts with my not so little one and i REALLY want to get a new sewing machine.
i feel a need to branch out, but i dont want to forget my scrapping roots, kwim?

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