Sunday, August 8, 2010

making use of what you have.

making use of what you have.
that is a very, very foreign concept to addicted scrapbookers.
we hoard, we covet, we WANT...
we believe in our deepest, most secret soul that there is ONE piece of paper or embellishment that will turn the whole page around. and that is the exact thing you DO NOT HAVE.
that and a 10 carat engagement ring that shows just how much you are LOVED:)
i stopped hoarding about 2 years ago?...i actually have not bought any new pattern paper or embellishments since God knows when.
guess you can say i quit cold turkey.
i had too much. maybe not as much as others, but enough where just thinking of the sheer volume of stuff sent me hyperventilating.
i minimized, gave stuff away, sold some, used some more and little by little i got to the core of what is important to me.
of course, that does not mean that i am trying to be an artiste. i scrap and i like pictures and i love memories.
so i put it all in a pot and stir it together and sometimes i get something awesome with tried and true ingredients and sometimes it's a miss and sometimes it is something all together new. 

new pages with old stuff. yup. it works:) all little bits and pieces of life and things i had on the desk and scraps of materials. coolness.

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