Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sorting it out:)

so i finally finished organizing my 12x12 pages. MOST of them are in albums now, except for one box that i will be filing in AC 3 rings as i buy them.
GOD! that was the hardest thing i have ever done, and in doing so i have discovered many things. How about a good old bullet point list?

  • i have recorded so MUCH life.
  • i have also forgotten so much of it.
  • my skillz have progressed so much in 10 plus years.
  • no more redoing pages. they are what they are and they will stay that way.
  • my fingers are itching for some paper, glue and ink:)
  • i have the world's cutest family.
  • i have the world's cutest dog:)
  • from now on it is all frosting on the cake.
  • i want to start doing cards again.
  • downsizing a stash is a GOOD thing. very freeing . TRY IT!
  • i miss film. think i will get new batteries for the old rebel:)
  • digital pages are AWESOME.
  • hybrid scrapping is so not me. it's one or the other.
  • i don't need the new stuff at all:) it's ALL good!
moderation is KEY!

i remembered i have a disney album i started a LONG time ago. there are many holes that need to be filled. Birthdays and people we love, things we do and misc. pictures.... feeling like a WHOLE new world is opening up. YAY!

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