Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ramblings and lists:)

the last few days have been a little crazy, as usual.

i revamped my basement, finally covered the ugly couch and hopefully will be painting over the butt-ugly amityville horror red room color.

so i AM getting papercrafty toady....but i am holding on to all my stuff for the unity hip hop (see the massive blinkie on the side-bar)

BUT since i cleaned up the supplies in the last few days i thought i'd make  a little list:

Ari's New things she is totally diggin' lately:)

1. Organization: it is the coolest thing to grab a box and have ALL your buttons, ribbons, pens pencils and such in one place:)

2. Boxes of pre-scored cards: Cause i did this and it makes me HAPPY!

3. Pattern Paper i LOVE: no more ihavetousethisfugly paper.

4. Stamps and ink: Because they just rock:)

5. Dimensionals and glue dots: I LOVE SU's dimensionals.

6. Color coordinated cardstock and papers: SU and Papertrey will have my heart forever!

7. Unity's KOTM: you cannot, i repeat CANNOT beat this deal. the images are whimsical and AWESOME! seriously.....go check it out!


9. My stampamajig: it RULES!

10. Fingertip craft knife: SAYYYYYYY WHA? it is the best invention. as soon as my finger heals i'll be using it CONSTANTLY!

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twinkles11 said...

hey girlie... chloe rocks with her cool drawings. how's things? so have you signed up for Unity's KOTM? cool stuff. later! eva